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Coding Error that I can't seem to figure out or fix

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I was creating a new character and when I started up the game, everything was just fine. When I applied the mod into the game, there was a coding error. I thought that it was because I forgot to compile it so I tried one more time. After I compiled, it happened again.


Error Message:


[string "scripts/util.lua"]:432: Could not find asset matching anim/ghost_riktor_build.zip in any search paths. LUA ERROR stack traceback:


=[C] in function 'assert' 

scripts/util.lua(432,1) in function 'resolvefilepath'

scripts/mainfunctions.lua(72,1) in function 'RegisterPrefabs'


=(tail call) ?

=[C] in function 'xpcall'


scripts/mod.lua(494,1) in function 'RegisterPrefabs'


I used the "extended sample character-DST1.2.2.zip" for this.


Any answers?

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Additionally, there is an easier/more convenient way to mod. By adding 'ForceEnableMod(modfoldername)' to 'modsettings.lua', you can make the mod enable on startup instead of having to reenable it manually each time it errors. Note that this functionality is only intended for development, and the devs have warned against using it when just using mods.

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