[Bug/Glitch?] Monsoon puddles

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I play through steam and i use two mods, one for keeping track of hunger/sanity/health/wetness levels and another to track the number of days in a season.


I was quite a few days into monsoon season (a little less than half of the season) and usually the stage 1 puddles had already formed (where it's just one spot of water) but i didn't see any signs of them at all. And there were no signs of the stage 2 puddles (where it's containable with 4 sandbags) because even if i had missed the first signs of the puddles these puddles would've been big enough for me to catch. There was also no rain throughout all those days which i found pretty strange. Then when it finally rained the puddles spawned out of nowhere and were already pretty huge and unfortunately flooded my crock pot.


I'm not sure what caused this since this is the first time it has happened. I've used the mods before in a previous game so i don't think those are the cause? Any ideas as to what went wrong would be great.


(I'm currently in the process of trying to keep my cool and not freak out about the huge puddles of doom that surround me. I prepared about 25 sandbags which i thought would be enough until this happened ;n; I'm also playing Wigfrid so the crock pot loss was pretty huge. I only have 2 bacon and eggs in my fridge with a few morsels and such. Send help.)


Edit: I was super careful coming into my next monsoon season. It rained and there were no visual signs of any stage 1 puddles (again!), however when i was walking around i saw that i was getting wet on a particular tile (turns out to be a puddle). I decided to restart my game and as i suspected, the puddles finally showed up which was super lucky for me since one of the puddles was directly above my icebox.

So a temporary fix is to restart your game. If restarting doesn't work then I'm not sure what else will. I think the glitch/bug is a visual one. Hope this helps anyone with the same issue.

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