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  1. I might have skimmed over it but, what about Wilbur and him equipping poop when attempting to use it (as fuel or fertilizer)? It gets pretty annoying when you're trying to fertilize crop and have to unequip it constantly.
  2. Hopefully this will get fixed soon? I've been avoiding playing on my Wilbur save file because i just can't do any farming efficiently.
  3. Hopefully i did this right. Also, i was thinking back on what might've caused the crash and I'm not sure if this might be the cause but i did use the console command to "start mild season". After the game closed the first time and i opened it back up, the season actually skipped to the first day of hurricane season which i thought was a little weird. The second time it closed, the season stayed the same. log.txt
  4. About 10 minutes ago i decided to make my first trip into the volcano and grab whatever resources i can. The first time i went in, i spent only about 2-3 minutes, picked up a coffee plant, some volcanic turf and dug up a few magma piles and then the game lagged a bit and closed without any error message (it also didn't freeze, it closed smoothly). When i opened the game up again, i was able to spend a while longer in the volcanoes before the same thing happened again. This time i grabbed some coffee plants again, dug up some magma piles, killed a few dragoons, got one cactus plant and then the game closed by itself. Both times without any warning except for a very brief lag before it closes. My internet is working fine so that shouldn't be the issue. Kind of frustrating with this being my first volcano adventure >_<
  5. I saw the same thing. Not sure about you but i set ballphins on more in world customization so i don't know if that's where the bug is coming from.