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[Shipwrecked] Four small suggestions

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Asax0    11

So I've just started sinking my teeth into Don't Starve:Shipwrecked and I'd like to make some small suggestions for future development.


1. Crab holes. They look like rabbit holes. I feel as though there could be some different art for crab holes, because crabs dig differently, and they're digging into a different kind of sediment.


2. Parts that break off boats. Sometimes these parts break off and "sink" into the land. This doesn't make sense. Perhaps they could get stuck on the land like the parts of boat surrounding you when you first spawn in a new world.
Also, why can't you harvest those wrecked ship parts at the start of a new game? I feel as though they could be retrieved for an early plank (great for Walani!) or perhaps a little bit of wood?


3. Don't you think it's a little ridiculous that the only way you can get anti-venom is by killing something venomous and getting a venom gland? Surely there could be some other way to craft them? Or even just a thing you could craft to temporarily help out a poisoned character? Or maybe some hard to craft item that gives poison immunity?


4. Mussels. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but why does the mussel stick ruin the spawn point for the mussels? And why doesn't dropping some mussels into water cause a new mussel spawn point underwater? I want to make a mussel farm nearer to my camp!


Looking forward to seeing where Klei takes this expansion and its incorporation into the body of the main game. If any of my suggestions are misguided, or I'm just doing something wrong, please let me know! I'll post again if I can think of any more suggestions.


EDIT: I just thought of a 5th suggestion.
Make the world wrap. In the base game, it's kind of OK that the world doesn't wrap, but when you're sailing around, it'd be nice if the world wrapped. Sailing the the edge of the map and seeing fog is rather underwhelming.

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Buldric    25

1. I agree.


2. You can break down the wreckage at the start of the game with a hammer.


3. That's really how antivenom is made. Take it up with the medical community.


4. *Mussels.


5. Sounds pretty cool.

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RE: 5. If you sail through the fog you come out on the other side of the map, so it pretty much already wraps.


Presumably it doesn't wrap without fog because that'd imply some kind of wacky tiny toroid planet as opposed to a terrifying region of an unexplored world.

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