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So, whenever we get Customization for SW, there are somethings I do want. I will only go over the less than obvious ones. Like more Wildbores, more Spiders, less Apes, less Snakes, longer or shorter seasons, ETC.

I wanted to share what I think should be included when we get Customization.

Here we go!




Wind Frequency: You guys know the strong wind from the end of Mild Season, and throughout a lot of Hurricane? Yeah that. We could have it much like the rain option.

Never - Just that.

Less - Never in Mild, and only half the time during Hurricane.

More - Half the time in Mild, and most of the time during Hurricane. Maybe a little during Monsoon and Dry.

Lots - Constantly. Forever. Changes direction every few seconds.


Wave Frequency: Well, um, waves.

None - Just that.

Less - I suppose just not as much as normal.

More - Same amount as in Hurricane for all Seasons?
Lots - Screen filled with WAVES!


X Marks the Spot/Treasure Chest/Note in a Bottle: Loot!

None - Just that.

Less - Just less Bottles with notes in 'em.

More - Even more Bottles with notes.

Lots - Tons O Bottles!


Coral Reef: Reef of Coral.

None - Just that.

Less - Not enough.

More - Plenty more.

Lots - Basically a Reef in the middle of a pair of islands. A triangle of islands equals three Reefs.


Poison Hole: Not sure why you would want even more of these, but... huh. Might be fun as a challenge.

None - Just that.

Less - Not as many.

More - Quite a bit more.

Lots - Maybe at least two every island?



Biome Frequency

Maybe since we're on islands, we could get rid of biomes entirely or lessen the amount? Of course, there would be Never, Less, More, and Lots for all of the biomes, and I'm sure you would know exactly what that would do.




Flup: I guess this would be kind of like the Tentacles.

None - Just that.

Less - Not as many as normal.

More - Considerably much more in Marsh biomes.

Lots - Can be found occasionally in all biomes.



Maybe there can be 3 kinds of Bird options.

Frequency of the Toucans and regular Parrots, frequency of Seagulls, and the frequency of Pirate Parrot. The reason being is that Seagulls are not the same as the others, and the Pirate Parrot doesn't drop seeds. I don't think that if Seagulls are to be set to Lots, they would be on land in other Seasons other than Hurricane.


Bottlenosed Ballphin: I have yet to see any of these guys, and I feel left out. I'm not really sure how their groups work. I don't know how many can really even appear. Some people say 6, others say 12 and yet more say 10.

None - Just that.

Less - Perhaps the group of Ballphins are cut down to half? For example, if there were 12, 6 Ballphins would appear instead?

More - Add 3 Ballphins to group threshold.

Lots - Allow Ballphin group to spawn in abundance, plus 3 to group threshold.


Sea Hound: These jerks...

None - Just that.

Less - Maybe one or two less Sea Hounds in a single group than the normal option?

More - Add one or two more Sea Hounds to every group.

Lots - Add two or three more Sea Hounds to every group.


Swordfish: I used to see a lot of these. Not anymore since the Hang Ten update.

None - Just that.

Less - Way too little.

More - Add four more Swordfish to world generation.

Lots - Add eight more Swordfish to world generation.



Please tell me what you think of this list. I had a bit of fun with making the paragraphs.

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The only world customization options I ever used in the base game was to make the game always start in autumn, just because I think the difference in difficulty between Autumn and Spring is too much to leave it up to a random dice roll.


So I doubt I would ever use these options, although I do appreciate having them anyways.

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