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Hi Kleis, Capys and Forum members,


we have characters from diffrent nations:

from England - Maxwell

from France - Wolfgang

from the States - Wilson

from Canada - Woodie

from Hawaii (States) - Walani

from Ireland - Wigfrid

from Robotoland/Japan ^^ - WX


but we clearly have no german character. It could be some kind of military old man.

We have an old woman (Wicker) but no old man.

Maxwell isn´t that old...



- he could look like Bismark or better he could be Wismark ^^ and can feed hounds Monster Meat

to make them friendly for a period of time or to tame atleast one until it dies


- because of his old age he runs slower and has less health, but more sanity


- he could start with a helmet or can craft it later,

the name of the helmet is "Pickelhaube" (spiked helmet or kaiser helmet) ...maybe a pun with pickles. ^^


- he loves to eat fish, because of Bismarks saying:

"Wenn der Hering so teuer wie der Hummer wäre,

gälte er mit Sicherheit in den höchsten Kreisen als Delikatesse."

("If the herring would be as expensive as lobster, it would be a delicacy.")


- and maybe he can craft a whip, because of the german saying: "Zuckerbrot und Peitsche."

("sugarbread and whip" the german saying for: "with a carrot and a stick" from the english language )


- the whip can be used as a weapon and to tame pigman and hounds (similiar to the DST whip for Beefalos)


- von Wisemark could have a longer timer to befriend pigman/hounds, because he is a wise leader (similiar to Woodies leadership timer, but even longer)


- von Wisemark is slow and has low health, so he can give his "Pickelhauben" (kaiser helmets) to pigman follower, to let them fight for him, he is a military leader after all ^^


- he deals less damage than most chars, maybe 0.75 (because he is old) and it is better to rely with him

on pig man soldiers (pig man with Pickelhauben) or hounds to win battles


- he has a higher hunger drain, because....just look at him ^^



Wernher von Wisemark

(because of his high sanity he is very wise ^^)


Health  100 (he is old)

Hunger 180 (he is chubby ^^)

Sanity   250 (he is wise)


There was also a similiar thing with a Wolfgang skin, that looks very nice.



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