[problem] SCOREBOARD save Players

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I have a problem on my 64 slots dedicated server.


If a player joins in and out from server still is on scoreboard and take 1slot on server.


my settings.ini

[MISC]CONSOLE_ENABLED = trueautocompiler_enabled = trueoverride_enabled = true[NETWORK]default_server_name = [PL] Polski-Gaming.pl [survival]server_port = 11202server_password = 12345max_players = 54pvp = falsegame_mode = survivalenable_snapshots = falseserver_save_slot = 0steam_authentication_port = 12348steam_master_server_port = 12349server_intention = cooperative[account]dedicated_lan_server = false[shard]shard_enable = trueis_master = truemaster_port = 11200default_server_description = NOWY SERWER (jeszcze duzo do poprawy)server_token = editedtick_rate = 30enable_autosaver = trueenable_vote_kick = truepause_when_empty = true

Thanks for help.

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