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[Request] Global Player Skins Mod?

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Whew just finished my college finals. Im exhausted!

Anyway, I have a request! It's more of an idea, but I'd like to think of it as an request if possible.


So I love playing with my mod characters and my modded world with modded everything, but it's been a long time since I've had the taste of Vanilla DST touch my taste buds.


I want to play Vanilla again BUT I still want to play with my characters, so how can I achieve this?


Well since the Dev Team implemented cosmetic character skins I'd like to know if it's possible to do a Global Player Skin Mod?


Basically what I'm asking if it's possible to play as Wilson but use the Cosmetic Skin option to use my player builds?


So If I decided to play as Wickerbottom, I can choose my Tohsaka Rin Build as a skin to replace Wickerbottoms build. So I'll still be playing Wickerbottom but with the Tohsaka Rin build. I'd like this to be a global thing, as in, all my character builds can be used like cosmetic skins for all characters. Mod or unmodded characters alike.


I'd feel like this'll benefit players who also want to play Vanilla DST but with characters they can relate to.


I know this is taking a shot at the dark, especially with the cosmetic character skins being new and all, but I'd really enjoy someone modding this to be possible.

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