[Suggestion] Land Reclamation

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I've been thinking about this kind of feature for a while and have finally decided to just post it in case there is anyone that would have ideas that could polish this idea even more. 
Land Reclamation
The  process of creating more usable land. There's probably a more detailed explanation for it elsewhere, but that's the general idea. 
The Land Reclamation process/feature would involve a few items and structures that can be considered as a late game feature that players can fiddle with. Basic requirements would be two uniquely new items, each with its own recipe.

  • Limestone Wall - Recipe: 2x Limestone Added Use: Can be used for land reclamation.
  • Sandbag - Recipe: 2x Cloth and 3x Sand Added Use: Can be used for land reclamation.
  • Land Foundation (Structure Item under Structure Tab)NEW!- 6x Limestone Wall and 4x Sandbag Use: This can only be placed in Shallow Water but will not remove water, boats, ships and fishes can still cross over this Tile. It would look like sandbags underwater with a line of Limestone underneath.
  • Sand Pile (Single Use Item under Refine Tab)NEW!- Recipe: 20x Sand Use: Can only be applied on top of the Land Foundation that was placed in Shallow Water. This will create the usable land tile. Using this on the Land Foundation will complete the Land Reclamation Process and will remove the water from this Tile.

If players had this feature, it would result in a combination of any of the following:

  • Land Walls for kiting Sharks. Players will be able to make rudimentary water defenses around their base islands.
  • Personal Man-made Islands.
  • Land Bridges between adjacent Islands that are separated by a few tiles of Shallow Water.
  • Land Ports for all the player's ships. 

These reclaimed lands will deteriorate overtime (maybe 100 days or so) or faster when waves directly hit them. The player's character will react "I must repair this piece of land!" when the Reclaimed Land Tile they are standing on needs to be repaired.
To repair it, player must use another Sand Pile on the Turfless Damaged Reclaimed Land.
I hope that all makes sense, if anything seems odd with this suggestion let me know and I'll try and clear up any confusion. Feel free to reply below if you have thought of a better way to implement and maintain this kind of feature. The devs may even have thought about this kind of idea, so in the case that they already have talked about it and decided against such a feature to be implement down the pipeline then I hope a modder can pick this idea up when EA ends. Cheers.

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Very in depth idea, so I'll give my 2 cents. First off, I understand that it's going to be an end game thing, so the requirements can be high. But you need to consider how many tiles you're going to want to make, and how those material reqs are going to stock up like crazy. Adding deterioration on top of that is just way too much IMO.

What I feel would be nicer would be a few smaller "land creation" mechanics that could even be accessed earlier. I'd like to see docks (shallow water), floating platforms/barges (deep water). and raised bridges (shallow water, boat can travel underneath).

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