[Idea] Scurvy

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Kind of a random tought but i was thinking about some unique mechanics for shipwrecked and suddenly had Scurvy on my mind.


For those that don't know what Scurvy is it's a disease resulting from a deficiency of vitamin C and was a common disease among sailors in the 18th century.


So the idea is that we get for once new trees providing us with Citrusfruits like Lemons,Limes or Oranges. These fruits can be pciked of the tree (maybe with tools but some trees can also be pciked by hand). These fruits give a rather low amount of nutrition but can heal a bigger amount of HP then most other foods you can find (let's say an Orange heals around 7 HP compared to cooked seaweeds 3). The balance point however is that Citrusfruits grow slower then most other fruits and spoil rather quickly.


Lets say you pick from 1 Orangetree and get maybe 3-4 Oranges from that. These would spoil after maybe 4-6 days and the tree needs about 10-13 days before you can pick from it again.


Now for Scurvy itself. During your survival after a specific amount of days (i'm open for ideas after how long scurvy kicks in) your character will tell you that he's not feeling to good. After that maybe a day later he says that he's feeling weak and at this point your charatcer will take longer to do certaint tasks like chopping trees or cutting grass (making items is not  (one symptom of scurvy is feeling weaker). After a few more days (maybe 5) the second symptom kicks in. This is show through an idle animation where your character sometimes coughts and suddenly has some blood comming out of his mouth (not much) that he quickly wipes away. This stage will lock some of your HP away similar to a Meat Effigy as well as lowering the nutrition value of most foodtypes. After another 5-8 days the last and final symptom kicks in. This one basicly starts to slowly drain your HP until you die because of it (you can still live for at least 3 more days until the final stage kills you but be quick and find some Citrusfruits).


Now to heal scurvy you need to simply eat some citrus fruits every couple of days maye have a scurvybar similar to hunger and sanity (or woodies woodmeter in Werebeaverform) and eating specific types of food resets the bar. Obviously there are also recipes for the Crockpot that can lower the scurvybar even more so experimenting with the Citrusfruits you have might be a good idea.


And this ends my summary of the Scurvy mechanic or at least how i immagine scurvy could work in Shipwrecked.

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