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companion/pet mod


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(I am not really good at codings so pls be gentle lol)


I would like my character to have a pet/companion just like the character link having a fairy on his side. but I am not sure where to start. I would like to get the ghost as a base though. I tried copy pasting the fairy from link to my character just to see if it works but it didn't. I just copy pasted every fairy files in my character and add it on my modmain but unfortunately it did not work for me xD I am such a noob. 


pls let me know where can I start. let's say I already have my characters pet(zero) images which for e.g have 8 frames. what should I do next? thanks in advance!

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The coding for the Link character is scattered into a bunch of different files and probably isn't as good a place to start.


Maybe try looking at the code for the character "Nightmare" since I recently helped the creator with the code for his permanent pet Terrorbeak, and it's probably much simpler than the fairy. I don't know if he ever finished the update though.

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hey thanks! I got the character and it looks awesome! having a shadow pet looks cool :)  I will study the code in the morning since its late now. 

one question before I sleep. how can I compile my images to tex? I am clueless since I don't have a base. I want the ghost as a base and I am trying to decompile the .bin files of it using krane (ktool) but I get an error "the filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect" I am unsure how to use it. I just followed the instruction from one of the threads here "drag and drop the krane.exe from cmd then drag and drop the anim.bin file then drag and drop the output path"


also if I get the ghost as a base template, is it possible to have more images frames than the base?

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I'm actually not sure how to use Krane tool, I've only ever used TexTool. (an older more involved process, but it gets the job done)


And if it has 5 frames, I'm not sure if theres any way to increase it. I'm not very familiar with working with existing game animation files.

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