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 -In the trailer, they showed wilson very proudly standing in front of his ship with, what looked like to me, a flute or a horn coming out of his mouth. I later realised this was a telescope, but that got me thinking about an item, some wind instrument wilson could play that forces the wind to move in the direction he's going, maybe at the cost of some duration and some sanity. It would be in the magic tab, call it "The Breezecaster" or "The Forcastus". I know it sounds like something straight from windwaker, but that's very much the point. Maybe make it out of an Ox horn and a compass.


 -I was digging in some stones up, and then after I dug them all up, a hole shot some flame at me. I thought this was an interesting touch, but then I realised I couldn't do anything with it. All it did was sometimes shoot flames and hurt me if I got too close. This "infinite" source of fire could make for a cool building to be placed near it/on top of it. You could maybe make a light source, with a little flame constantly shooting out the top like an oil rig, or some processing station where if you put something in, it slowly converts it to something else using the heat. Maybe make it like an advanced cooking station/drying rack type dealy. Maybe even a hot tub that works like a tent where you spend half a day relaxing and it fills your sanity and health up for a bit of hunger. I just want to build something over it. Seems like a waste.


 -The Ox should be renamed to Water Beefalo. It seemed weird to skip right over that.


 -There really should be a better way to find nearby islands rather than doing massive swings and hoping one is in the area. I get that the telescope exists, but unless you randomly find one early on, it seems very much like a late game tool, and you already have most of the map shown by then. Maybe something to do with the compass, the very useless tool as it is right now. Maybe something like "The Treasure Seeker", an item made from a compass, 4 glass bottles, and some paper, and it las 5-10 uses, and creates X-marks-the-spots on distant islands. This would not only reveal the location of some undiscovered land, but gives you an incentive for you to go check it out.


 -The trawl net is a bit weird. A one-use scratch at some seabed, then it sinks. I'd suggest making it have a durability like the sail, but make it a bit more expensive. Or even just a better trawl net made of spider web as an alchemy engine tier invention. Multiple uses, wider range, like how there's the crap sail and the cloth sail. A Trawl Net and an Advanced Trawl Net.


 -I've sailed, what I assumed were, the correct direction through waves and still got hit. There's a weird system with going diagonally with the boat where if you sail forward+left/right, it seems random whether or not the character model turns, which can (literally) make or break the boat or give a boost. I'd suggest a change to the waves so that it's very clear what direction they're going, and it's very clear what direction you are going, so there are no accidental "Oh H2O"s.


 -Poison right now is powerful. If you get poisoned early on, especially by a stink ray, you're done. The slow drain on your HP will normally always make your match when anti-venom is so hard to come by. Either make poison a little less powerful, or make anti-venom a little easier to come by. I shouldn't have to kill 4 warrior spiders for a chance to get one piece of a life saving puzzle.


Thanks for reading at least this far. I know my explanations are a bit crude, but what do you think?

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Some great stuff in here i like the idea of an instrument to controll the wind mostly because of the nod to Wind Waker but also cause itz makes Sails a lot more usefull since you can direct in what direction you want to go fast.


Also like the idea of having a special structure for Krissures since they are pretty bland atm (although it's fun to cook at them). And it would make the Volcanorock biome a lot more interesting for setting up a base (since i don't see a point to do so atm).


Already suggested 2 items for navigation one being Seacharts you find in X-Spots what reveal random islands the other being a magical compass that always points in the direction of the nearest island.


Trawl Net so far has been fine although i barely use it because Mussel Sticks and Seaweed are better for getting food but maybe catching Wobsters with it might be worth making. Also it's pretty cheap so i don't see a problem with it being 1 use.


Poison atm is one of my biggest things that bug me in Shipwrecked and there is already a big discussion about that in another thread so i won't repeat my points just look up what i wrote there.

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