Crock Pot and Fish Spoilage Inconsistencies

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Dead jellyfish, dead wobsters, and dead swordfish cannot be put in crockpots, but all other forms of them can.


In cooking.lua, swordfish is listed as having ingredient values, but "swordfish" refers to the living prefab; I'm guessing this was supposed to be "dead_swordfish"?


Tropical fish have a meat value of 0.5 and a fish value of 1, but cooking them gives a fish morsel, which only has an ingredient value of 0.5 fish and no meat. This seems pretty weird. The ingredient definition for tropical fish in cooking.lua has the cookable flag, which means it populates an entry for "tropical_fish_cooked" with the same ingredient values as the raw one, but that cooked prefab doesn't exist.


Another related inconsistency is that basically all fish spoil into spoiled_fish, but fish_med_cooked (larger cooked fishes) and fish_raw (the kind you get from whales) spoil into spoiled_food. This seems pretty weird considering that both raw and cooked fish morsels spoil into spoiled_fish, as does a raw dogfish, but a cooked dogfish spoils into rot?


(I discovered most of this while working on updating the amazing crock pot simulator)


Edit: One more: It looks like cooked wobsters can't go in either, because the cooking.lua code generates an entry for lobster_cooked, which doesn't exist; it's lobster_dead_cooked. Also, I put up a test version of the shipwrecked crockpot simulator.


Edit 2: The wobster recipes are called Lobster Dinner and Lobster Bisque in STRINGS. Shouldn't that be Wobster for both?

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