[Graphics] - Security Dispatch objective doesn't clear from list

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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics
Platform: Mac
Issue Title: Security Dispatch objective doesn't clear from list
Issue Description: This has happened a number of times. I run to a Security Dispatch to get some sweet sweet tech and despite having picked the corps clean and looted their high security safe the objective list on the lower left doesn't register this as having happened. Central doesn't chide me as if I hadn't accomplished the mission requirements and does indeed compliment my efforts but that darn trigger just doesn't go away.


Perhaps this has to do with leaving something inside the safe other than the actual device? Though as I recall I did totally loot the thing though perhaps I looked at it first. I don't remember, it should be in the save.

Steps to Reproduce: Do Security Dispatch Mission, loot security safe, see as objective remains on screen.



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