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  1. @rooks, Hey, you told me to reply if the cursor still doesn't show, unfortunately that is in fact the case.
  2. Thanks! This is why Klei is quickly becoming my favorite publisher--direct contact with the consumer. You guys are a real example!
  3. And now i realize that cursors don't even show in screenshots. Derp. savegame.luainvisibleinc.txt
  4. Bug Submission: Category: Graphics Platform: Mac Issue Title: Alternate cursor does not show up in item submenus Issue Description: In one of the updates (I can't recall which exactly) you guys added a neat cube to the bottom of the cursor when clicking on items in the inventory. That cursor has never changed for me. I tried turning on and of all graphics options. Perhaps it's a video card issue. It's not a big deal but I thought I'd put it up here. Steps to Reproduce: Open game, click on item, watch cursor not change. EDIT: realized i forgot to attach the screenshots