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Interrogation side mission missing?

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tloris    0

Did anyone get the Interrogation side mission lately? The one where you find a confused courier bound to a chair and get rewarded if you get him out?


I seem to recall getting one around the free weekend, but I just checked the and worldgen.lua had this to say about it

local SIDEMISSIONS = { "drone_lab","data scrub","transformer","compile" } --

Anyone knows anything about that?


And a (slightly) related thing:

from my understanding of the scripts, side missions are completely random, as in the corporation you're against or the mission type have no effect on chances of a side mission appearing or affecting which does. Correct?

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Jason    6883

Hey tloris, the corps are still very interested in picking up couriers that might have juicy information. They have been doing that since before the drone labs, data banks and transformer rooms were installed, those protocols don't use the same system as it was too old, but it's still in place.

And all of the corps have need of data storage, cam drone maintenance, power transfers, etc.. so yeah, you can find those stations at any of them. 

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