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Game not updating from 158559 to 159280 in cavesbeta.

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Name is Leo and I am writing on behalf of my friend. Her game does not update for some reason. We tried the conventional means of updating the game. 


Restarting PC

Restarting Steam

Checking for Steam Updates

Verifying cash Integrity

Opting out and back in to cavesbeta.

Uninstalling and reinstalling games. 


I had no issue updating and I updated my dedicated server as well which works fine. I see other people and other servers. She sees some servers but not the same and with no people in them. Her regular version seems to match with mine, but we are only interested in cavesbeta. 


If it's of any help she is from the states and I am from UK. She also own a mac while I own just a regular pc. 






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I'm getting the following error. The consensus appears to be that it is a steam problem that will come right given time. Interested to see that other people are also having problems with the update though.







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