[CODING] Augment slots,full inventry slots, Armor, Shield, AP for Agents and the Development Cheat Tool

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Tested  successfully  in  December  7th   2015







I've looking for mod augment in so many topic, and the most of them tell you to download their stupid 'scripts.zip' file, but the problem when you've download that is:


1. Your game cant open


2. Your game still play but it wont run Contingency Plan file.

Reason why? Because they're out of date file, that all!




Now, cheating time!


1. Backup your own Scripts.zip file into another folder.


2. Open your scripts.zip file in invisible, inc the contigency plan folder.


3. Open Sim folder.


4. Open unitdefs folder.


5. Open agentdefs.lua file(suggest to use 'LUA EDITOR 2012').


7.(Chicken coding time!):


+ Cheat Augment number Slots:


A. Look from line 681 to line 717 is agent Sharp profile that Klei code for him and you also can see from next 36 line is Sharp Archive Version profile.


B. In line 708 code(and line 747 also, because they're all Sharp), they write:


traits = util.extend( commondefs.DEFAULT_AGENT_TRAITS ) { shields = 0, shieldsMax = 0, mp=8, mpMax = 8, augmentMaxSize=6 },



C. As you can see they just only type the 'shields = 0, shieldsMax = 0,'(I will tell you about this in the '+Extra' below') and  'augmentMaxSize=6' in Sharp profile, but they dont do that to the another agent profile, so our job is copy 'augmentMaxSize=6' into the other Agent Profile and rewrite number '6' to any number you 1!


D. Press Ctrl + S to Save the LUA file.


E. Winrar will ask you to update that file, click 'yes'.


F. Open your own game.


For example, in agent 'Internationale' profile, in the same form of Sharp code,but they only write:

(line 551)


traits = util.extend( commondefs.DEFAULT_AGENT_TRAITS ) { mp=8, mpMax = 8 },


And I rewrite that into this:


traits = util.extend( commondefs.DEFAULT_AGENT_TRAITS ) { mp=8, mpMax = 8, augmentMaxSize=91157 },



èHer max augments slots number now is 91157, of course, this is just the test number, in real no body can play long enough to put full 91157 augment slots.


One more thing, when you play game, they just show 8 available augments slots in the screen, but dont worry, the real number is belong to you, just keep install augments.





+ Cheat Max Inventory Slots:




- There are just have max 8 equipment slots, so this cheat just help player a small part: full inventory without being -1AP every turn.


- If you press more than 8, the game'll not run for you(because it's error ).


Now, let just keep going!


We still use the 'agentdefs.lua' file


A. Look down to line 984 of Central profile(you can see the same kind form in Mont3r profile, line 949), they write:


traits = util.extend( commondefs.DEFAULT_AGENT_TRAITS ) { inventoryMaxSize = 3, mp=8, mpMax=8, noUpgrade = true, central=true  },


B. Just like Sharp, they have the Special code word: 'inventoryMaxSize = 3', copy that to the agent profile you want and change number '3' to '8'.


C. Ctrl + S to save file.


D. Click 'Yes' to update Archive.


For this time example, we still use 'Mrs Internationale' 's code (line 551), we rewrite that line to this:


traits = util.extend( commondefs.DEFAULT_AGENT_TRAITS ) { inventoryMaxSize = 8, mp=8, mpMax = 8, augmentMaxSize=91157 },



èAnd now Internationale have 91157 augment slots and also can carry 8 equipment without being -1AP each turn.




+ Extra cheat(not necessary):

A. Agent can have Shield like high level guard: (just for fun)


Like I've said in the cheat augment slots, i'll tell you about 2 code word 'shields = 0, shieldsMax = 0,' in Sharp code line in agentdefs.lua file


Your work is very easy to do, just copy that code and paste to the agent profile you want, then change the number, save file, and final is update Archive!


Continue my example on Agent Internationale(still line 551), we'll have:


traits = util.extend( commondefs.DEFAULT_AGENT_TRAITS ) {  inventoryMaxSize = 8, shields = 13, shieldsMax = 13, mp=8, mpMax = 8, augmentMaxSize=91157 },


èNow She have 91157 augment slots, full inventory slots, and have Shield level 13(for fun) like High Level Guard.


But warning for you, this is just for fun to look not to play, if you show off the agent face to the guard, they'll shoot your agent dead.


After all, the Shield it's just for fun, so you dont need to take this cheat, useless anyway.


B.Agent can have number of AP as you want to:


Just do like the previous step, but now, just need to change the numbers.

(still line 551): 


traits = util.extend( commondefs.DEFAULT_AGENT_TRAITS ) {  inventoryMaxSize = 8, shields = 13, shieldsMax = 13, mp=180, mpMax = 180, augmentMaxSize=91157 },


To change Agent AP Number, I change 'mp' and 'mpMax' number from '8'(original) to 180(just for test).


èNow Internationale have 91157 augment slots, 8 equipment slots, 180 AP per turn(WOW!)


But warning: This cheat will make your game being boring, so my advise is don’t change this… to much! Or just Don’t take this cheat too!




C. Cheat Armor(Guard can't kill your agent):


Just do like previous step, than rewrite line 551 code:



traits = util.extend( commondefs.DEFAULT_AGENT_TRAITS ) { armor = 10, shields = 13, shieldsMax = 13, inventoryMaxSize = 8, mp=180, mpMax = 180, augmentMaxSize=91157 },



èNow She have 91157 augment slots, full inventory slots, shield level 13 and have armor level 10, no guard below level 10 can kill Internationale.


èMy suggest is not to take this cheat too, the game'll be so lame and 'strategyless'. But if you 1 to try 'the immortal', set the armor limit below '10'.




D. Bring Cheat to the mod Agent:


+ As you know, there are 2 popular mod agent now, is Mist and dr.Predler. If you’re buy Invisible, Inc + The Contingency Plan in Steam Store, you just need to subcrib the mod to download it and they’ll automicly place the file for you, but if you don’t have money, you have to download crack version from the internet, but where to subcrib to take those ‘bloody’ mod’? I’ll tell you right now, because I am using crack version too (Please Forgive me, Klei Ent., you left me no choice, why don’t just set the game in free price, and if you want to have money, just program the daily reward access screen to your server, so that you can have money, and we can have what we want, good for both side):


1.       Go to this website: https://www.google.c...EgSshsPs8BeA1Uw


2.       Download the mod file you want.


3.       Open Your Invisible, Inc folder, Make New Folder, name it: mods.


4.       Extract your mod zip into the ‘mods’ file you just create.


5.       Now go to mods folder, click at ‘the mod foder you’ve extract’, there’s a zip named ‘scripts’ too, enter it.



Now for example, I got Dr.Pedler folder(this is the mod character, not the original) in ‘mods folder’:


1.       Scriptsàagentdefs.luaàline 62(this is just for Dr.Pedler only)àchange the number and information like we’ve done with Internationale’s profile(augments, inventory slots, AP,…).


2.       Save LUA file.


3.       Click ‘yes’ to update archive.


4.       And play normal.


And you can also do this with agent Mist if you like.



Warning: This is the instruction for people who don’t know how take mod characters, if you know how to mod, don’t read this part of this post.




E. Development Cheat(the craziest cheat,the most boring):


1. Open the Invisible, Inc Contingency Plan folder


2. Open Main.Lua file.


3. Go Down To Line 41, you’ll see they write: ’DEV = false,’.


4. Rewrite the word ‘false’ to ‘true’.


5. Save file.


6. Open game, press Ctrl + backquote(`).



è The development cheat table is appear, so many funny things, but they’ll make you fell bore after an hour of cheating.


èMy advise is not to take this cheat, just leave the DEV in ‘False”.



You can also change the game time right in the Main.Lua, but once again, I think you shouldn’t try this, if want to fell fun for few hour, fine, no prob, just change.




[suggest] Another things, if you 1 to change to money of item, change weapon ammo, or guard infomation like their shield level,... you can get the advise on topic address:  http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/60412-mod-power-multiplier/#entry694521


+ That is the topic by author ChaoMIng in the modding forum. You can coding by your own file(your game, your rule) or download his 'scripts.zip' file. The file it's almost usefull with the player who just 1 to hack, not to coding. If you 1 to coding? Type it by your own, if that it's to hard... Just wait for another Topic by me or find the other topic by the another people if that fit you. Code or Download is your decision.




Have Nice Hacking Days.













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oh, I'm forgot again. To change agents in the contingency plan downloadable content(Olvia, Derek, Draco, Rush), you just need to:


1. Open Invisible Inc Contingency Plan folder.


2. Open 'dlc' folder -> Open 'dlc1' folder


3. Open that folder own 'scripts.zip' file.


4. Open agentdefs.lua file.


5. Look down to the code line with the same form as the Example of Agent Internationale in upstair topic.


6. Now, change their profile like i've show you in the previous step.




Have Nice Hacking Days





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