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Wilson is awesome!!! As a scientist, he should get science bonus when using the machines or something;

Would like to see some rain in the game;

Would like to unlock more characters;

Would like to see more weapons, recipes and machines;

Please keep the game running without in game help and no continues after dying, it really provides a nice feeling, rarely seen in games these days;

Been a hardcore game since atari, I truly consider this is one special game. In the future you could try some RPGs. You guys really make high quality games, because they are fun and have great gameplay, grahpics are secondary, altough the ones from your games are great and with huge style, Thank you all.

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1) Depending on how effigies are handled in the future (there's been quite a bit of discussion surrounding them), Wilson might end up getting a different perk in the future. We'll have to wait and see.

2) I don't see why there couldn't be rain. There's been lots of requests for random weather events, and I think it'd add more depth to the world, especially if it had effects on gameplay.

3) More characters will be coming in the near future. There will almost certainly be a new character added to the game by the end of the month.

4) I wouldn't be surprised if we see more items added to the game, though there's been no word on it yet.

5) Klei seems to be very happy with the approach they've used so far for Don't Starve (you can read up on some of the thoughts behind their design choices here) so I imagine that it will stay free of things such as tutorials and also stick to its unforgiving roguelike nature.

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