[Bug Report] Sail Inventory Item Crash

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Hello again, I did a search on this with the terms "Sail Inventory Item Crash" and got no results. So I'm posting this instead unless any other crash like this one has been already reported but only written differently and which would probably why I couldn't find it in the first place. Anyhow, crash image below, and attached the log file. 




The last moments before the crash, meteors started to come down so I had to bail my island and hop on my boat. Within 5 seconds of sailing away from my main island, the crash happened. From what I can tell, the sail was the cause. Jumping in-game again and it starts on the last time it auto-saved. Ship's sail was at 32% when I checked it again, but the crash didn't happen this time around.


I hope that helps in some way to diagnose the bug. Cheers.


EDIT: Forgot to attach the log.


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