[Bug] Bottled Lantern part 2

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    Unlimited Light

    Steps to reproduce

    (This is the way I found this glitch)

  • Step 1:Play as Woodie and make a bottled lantern


    Step 2:Turn into a were-beaver and die


    Step 3:When you go back to your dropped items the bottled lantern should be on the floor lit.


    Step 4:Wait for a few minutes


    Step 5:Pick up the bottled lantern and it should say 0%


    Step 6:When you equip this item it won't work but when you drop the bottled lantern, it lights up forever

    Describe your issue
     This exploit will gives you an unlimited light source.Link -> https://youtu.be/p1QUAes30Vo
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I believe in the depths of the old bug reporting sub forums there's a template for properly reporting a bug.


Thank you. I'm relatively new here, as you might have guessed, so I haven't ventured far from the SW forum so far. I'll use that in the future should I need to report a bug (although I think there's a thread about pretty much every bug now).


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