Lag between end of the rain and drying

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I have experienced a period of time around the rainy storms (before and after), during stormy season, in which it was not rainig but my character (Woody) said "Thanks for the shelter" under the trees (before the rain) and the fire could not dry me (after the rain). So I lost an impressive amount of sanity after the end of the rain while I can't dry myself.

During this period, the wet gauge did not increase or decrease, even in front of the fire.


It would be helpful to fix it in order to survive longer :joyous: Thank you !

Lot of fun with this game already !

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Thanks DarkXero, but I think that the no-drying issue before and after the rain is still a bug.


To prevent insanity, I know that I was not well equiped when the storm season began, but I was surprised. It was the first one I reached without dying from poison or anything else before. A lot more to learn to survive efficiently ! :) That's why I love this game !

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