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A few friends of mine and I came up with a few ideas that we believe would be a good idea for the Don't Starve Wilderness mode.
 - We began with the thoughts off thinking about a 6 man game wilderness but have 2 player teams with each so it would've been a 2v2v2
 - Noted that if someone in Survival died they would be forced to be leave the game due to the debuff the others would receive due to the ghost player in the server.
 - Wilderness spawns all players randomly and does not contain this debuff but we would have to find our team mates leading to the risk of finding other players whom may be aggressive.
     1.) In addition to the character select revamp in Don't starve together there should be an additional choice to spawn with another character with permission of that player
     2.) Make a spawn generation so you could survive on a mini island similar to the Don't Starve SW islands. There would be obelisks that cut you off from an area that contains a bunch of loot like a few fire staffs. These obelisks would drop after day 10. Spawn the teams of players (Previously selected in team select (Character select)) in their own biomes.
     3.) Make about 3 biomes of each biome type per map for a new map Customization with Wilderness team spawn.


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