The solution is here! How to combat poison.

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So i was messing around in the game files, looking at the new items when i noticed this at the seashell armor file:

inst.components.equippable.poisonblocker = true


Naturally i went in to test it, and it truly does prevent you from getting poisoned, at least from poison bites/stings from the mosquitos, snakes and spiders.


The gas mask will prevent poison from the stingrays and the poisonclouds in the marsh, so theres also a way to combat that ^^ 

The gas mask however, has a short lifetime meaning you will want to equip it only when you go hunting for the stingrays to obtain venom glands. Luckily, a sewing kit will repair it almost fully, but hounds teeth arent that plentiful sadly.


Don't give up hope folks, there are more ways than just the antivenom to deal with poison!

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