[Bug] Permanent torch

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I had a boat torch, and a torch in my backpack (my inventory was full). I hopped off of the boat and swapped an axe (from my inventory, not the pack) into my empty hand-slot, and noticed that there was also a torch fire on the axe. The torch item wasn't in my backpack anymore. The fire from it has persisted for several days, and it appears to be permanent (probably will get reset if I reload the game, though).


Luxurious said he encountered this with just a full inventory, picking up a dead jellyfish in the sea.

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I was trying to cut bamboo at night and when i swapped my torch, that was in my backpack, with my machete it happened. The glitch stayed for that entire world even if i saved and closed the game. I killed off the character and started again and wasn't able to reproduce the glitch the same way. I took some gyazos to send to a friend






hope it gets fixed :D

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