[Gameplay] - game freezes after completing a campaign

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: game freezes after completing a campaign

Issue Description: (Sorry for awful English..)

I completed my campaign in beginner mode (the picture 1), and then game froze. But the music was still playing, and I could open some window such as ctrl-` and F1 (the picture 2). But I couldn't skip to menu because there were no buttons like 'continue'. And I was testing my new Korean language pack (I'm making it, I attached the language pack), maybe because of it? I attached the log file and save file (I was using the second slot) and DxDiag.

So I press alt-tab and closed the game. I restarted the game and the save file went back to the previous save. I mean, nothing has saved!

I don't know I can report another bug, but

I found another bug that contingency plan's texts don't change when I use the language pack.

For example, the name 'Rush' doesn't changes even I changed it in po file. Another example, the program 'golem' doesn't changes, too.

Steps to Reproduce: I just completed a campaign

And I was using my custom language pack

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I continued the campaign today, and.. it's weird.

In the UI, it seems like nothing have saved, but when I continue the game, the ending scene plays.

And still can't finish the campaign because of the freezing issue. I changed my language to English (Of course I restarted the game) but it still freezes.

So It might be windows 10 problem or something else.

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