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Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Running in random directions??

Issue Description: I was playing on my own server. (seems as if main connectivity issues have been fixed) I will let everyone know that i do use my own mouse and I have turned off my touch pad so it should not be the fault of the touch pad to do this. So i'm exploring my world to get a feel of the place and i run by a hear of angry beefalo beating the snot out of a clockwork knight. My character decided that it would be a great idea and go against every direction i was running. I was going right and my character decided to go left. No matter how much i spammed my right button the character would not comply and went right into the middle of this massive battle. Now I will admit that i surprisingly didn't die instantly but this kept happening again when a mermaid started chasing me. My character went towards the mermaid instead of away like i was pressing.

Steps to Reproduce: I was exploring when this happened. As I mentioned it was at random times just like the connectivity issues everyone was having it was sporadic. This even happened when i was in the middle of the forest near nothing but trees.

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Hello @Kaeista, welcome to the forums. I think this occurs on faulty hardware. My own keyboard sometimes locks the last input I pressed and keeps entering it even after I've released the key. To temporarily fix it, I would press the key again. Let's say in game, you are holding A for a long while and then you want to press D to move to the right instead. If the game is still registering that you are still pressing A even if you've already released it, then press A again once and you'll be able to go on your merry way.


I don't recommend that you buy a new keyboard or attempt to clean your keyboard(as that usually ruins the keyboard completely if you aren't careful enough.) I'm just letting you know that it COULD be just because of faulty hardware brought about by wear and tear.


I hope that makes sense, cheers.

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