Recording Game Video with Shadowplay Problem

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I use Shadowplay to record game videos and it works with every other game perfectly, but when I try to record in Invisible Inc, nothing happens.


Usually I just press Alt+F9 to toggle video on/off. I've tested to ensure it's working with other games, it definitely is. Is there a special trick to get Shadowplay to record in this game?


Thank you. First post, btw ;).

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Welcome to the forums, I'd recommend you toggle the Allow Desktop Capture and ShadowPlay will record anything that happens on screen. It will require you to play on full screen though so it'll only record the game. Currently Invisible Inc. isn't yet supported by ShadowPlay, here's ShadowPlay's full list of games you can record on. Notice other Klei games like Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together are also on the list. Since Invisible Inc. has only been fully released quite recently, it may take a while before Nvidia will support the game for ShadowPlay IF they ever intend to do so.


So for now I hope the Allow Desktop Capture work-around will suffice until then. Cheers.

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