A More Detailed Guide to Dedicated Servers with mods? Help needed.

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With the new update, I've been really wanting to get into the new cave system for DST. I don't have a problem with setting up a dedicated server, and after some scouring I managed to find a detailed guide on how to set them up. The problem I'm running into is how to get mods running on the servers.


I'm well aware of how you get mods working on the dedicated servers, but every guide I've found from the Don't Starve wiki to the Klei forums have been vague and not very detailed (I'm the kind of person who really needs a detailed guide when first learning how to use any kind of computer software/program; I have great difficulty when it comes to these kinds of things.)


I would very much appreciate someone supplying me with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to get mods working on a dedicated server (and for that matter, how to be able to edit the world gen settings).Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! :)

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Hello @YamiMarik1994, I don't know whether this short guide I made would be detailed enough for you. Since you mentioned you set up your server on your own and probably without using the pre-configured servers option. You just need to place the modoverrides.lua file in your own DST servers folders. I hope that helps, cheers.

Okay, I'll give this guide a try. I don't think I saw this one. Thank you :)

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