[Gameplay] - Unclear KO Interaction with Watchdog Deamon + Shocktrap

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Unclear KO Interaction with Watchdog Deamon + Shocktrap
Issue Description: Deep into endless mode my play-through has started requiring shock traps to deal with the extra armour and KO resistance. I happen to come across these sort of situations. http://imgur.com/8m3nI3Y

First time round, I placed the Shocktrap III on that open door and let the guards trip it themselves. The result is a 1 turn KO for all guards during their turn which meant they immediately recovered on the change to my turn. The guards don't have any perks that increase KO resistance apart from Watchdog 2 (+2, minimum 1). I don't know why 5-2 = 1 turn.

One rewind later, I use my agent to trip the same trap. The result is in the screenshot of everyone down for 5 turns. I have replicated the effect using a drone that I control on an earlier level (don't have save of this).

Given the huge difference in time down it seems one of these results is not intended. Should the KO length be ignoring the Watchdog deamon when agents and controlled drones are the ones triggering the trap? Why are they down for 1 turn and not 3?

Sorry about the savefile, I used my rewind to better the situation at the time. I'm sure the data of the last turn is in there somewhere.
Steps to Reproduce: Recreate situation of guards in a room with a trap with Watchdog Deamon. Let guards open on their turn. Redo using your agent.

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  • Developer

There are several levels of Watchdog and Chiten. The further along you are in Endless, the higher they get. It says when they come up, but it goes by pretty fast, so if you missed it you can roll over them to see what level it is.

I'll look at the save file, but it could be that those Daemons are higher level.

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I had an encounter that sound similar to this that I couldn't quite explain what was going on, so I took a screenshot.


This is on my turn after these 5 guards run into a shock trap. To be clear, all 5 guards were standing before the blast.


As you can see they got knocked down 1, 2 and 3 turns for the guys in the back. And the two in front stood up instantly after going down. 0 turns knockdown. The guard who triggered the trap even aims for my agent right away.


I don't know if it's intended behaviour or not, but it seemed quite odd, and makes me not trust shocktraps anymore. It sort of looks like the watchdog KO resistance is cumulative for each additional guard in the blast.

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