[Graphics] - Monst3r's gun's tooltip lists erroneous hacking requirement

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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics
Platform: Mac
Issue Title: Monst3r's gun's tooltip lists erroneous hacking requirement
Issue Description: See post title and attached screenshot. Basically Monst3r's overclocked neural dart still has in its tooltip a fake Hacking level 3 requirement that doesn't prevent other agents from using it (which in an earlier post the devs helpfully said is by design--anyone should be able to use his gun) but does plaster a big red THIS UNIT SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO USE THE GUN THEY ARE ABLE TO USE text which is kind of annoying.

I know this is a bump but I thought I should say it explicitly.

Sorry if it's annoying. Great game guys.
Steps to Reproduce: Have Monst3r in the party and give his gun to a unit with Hacking level >3



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