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[Gameplay] - Archive Prism ruins guard pathing

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Nxf7    47

Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Archive Prism ruins guard pathing
Issue Description: Archive Prism in disguise standing on either side of a door and changing the state of the door will force all enemies that are attempting to investigate anywhere beyond the door on the following turn to instead either find another path into the room, or if none are available, to not move anywhere and investigate on the spot. This happens even if Prism moves off the path before ending turn.

This bug is as old as Archive Prism. It's pretty obvious for anyone to spot and there was a (less detailed) bug report thread on it that was ignored so I'm starting to doubt Klei even thinks this behaviour is a problem, but it's so frustrating to play around.
Steps to Reproduce: 1st slot in attached save file has an example of it.

1. Make a guard or drone get an investigation point into another room.

2. (Optional) Observe guard to see the path they will take.
3. Use disguised Prism to block the door and toggle its state. Getting Prism to walk through a closed door has the same effect. Prism moving through a door that's already opened does not recreate the bug, the door state being toggled triggers the guards to check their pathing.
4. (Optional) Move Prism off the "guard's path" that no longer exists.
5. End turn and observe guard behaviour.

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Joopac    13

I was one of those who reported regarding this issue, I really hope this would be fixed, because it can be exploited and it can ruin a run, too. 

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KingTsu    0

There is also a bug where Prism always loses disguise when within 1 tile of a guard/drone, even when the tile is behind cover.


You can re-disguise and move on without further issues, except that it wasted 2 PWR, which can really hurt sometimes.

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