[Gameplay] - Lockpick 2.0 switches order of effect for Cycle + Root

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Lockpick 2.0 switches order of effect for Cycle + Root

Issue Description: I rolled Dynamo + Brimstone on a randomized game (pity me) but got lucky and found Cycle in a secondary server on mission 2. I sold Dynamo and got it. Later (mission 4, I think) I found Root and, rewinds at the ready, tested it to see which order the beginning-of-turn effects would happen in. The Root drain went off before Cycle zeroed out my power anyway, so I kept it.

The trouble occurred in the next mission, where I found Lockpick 2.0 in yet another secondary server (you can stop pitying me now). I sold Brimstone and purchased it but for some reason the order of effects for Cycle and Root switched after that. Now Cycle goes off first and I'm stuck with only 2 power per turn.

The save is in slot 1, which is the only one currently in use.

Steps to Reproduce: I've rewound to just before the purchase and Central is already parked next to the hacked server in the SW part of the map. Just sell Brimstone, buy Lockpick 2.0 and pass the turn to switch the order.

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