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  1. No way I can attend. I would be interested in write-ups or videos for later, though.
  2. I just rolled a Felix when passing through one of those laser sensors that installs a daemon and lost 150 credits. It was a Sankaku Detention Center, in case that matters. I know there won't be any more official bugfixes so I'm leaving this here in case any modders decide to do an unofficial patch.
  3. Neptune Corporation

    Never mind. I found two more just like it on the same level so you're obviously doing it intentionally. Nice addition.
  4. Neptune Corporation

    Neptune levels can have rooms with no way in besides a locked door. Here's Ghuff peeking into a small one with two consoles in it: Here's the save file, in case it helps: savegame.lua
  5. Neptune Corporation

    Will that fix a game or mission in progress or will I have to restart?
  6. Neptune Corporation

    One of the guard types in the Neptune levels is bugged. When I put the cursor over him to get info I got an error message every frame until the cursor was moved away: Oct 15 22:27:22 -- game/sim/unitdefs/commondefs.lua:965: bad argument #1 to 'format' (string expected, got nil) stack traceback: [C] ? [C] in function 'format' game/sim/unitdefs/commondefs.lua:965 in function 'onWorldTooltip' game/client/hud/hud.lua:1217 in function <game/client/hud/hud.lua:1111> (tail call) ? game/client/mui/mui_screen.lua:339 in function 'handleInputEvent' game/client/mui/mui.lua:376 in function 'onInputEvent' game/client/input-manager.lua:57 in function 'notifyListeners' game/client/input-manager.lua:116 in function <game/client/input-manager.lua:112> I don't know the name of the guard type, but I have a screenshot. It's the rightmost guard standing next to the door: EDIT: Forgot to include the log. Expect a LOT of the error message I quoted above since, as I said, I was getting that every frame the cursor was over him: invisibleinc.txt
  7. Neptune Corporation

    Never mind. I just updated to the latest version of Sim Constructor and suddenly it's loading. You might want to specify that it require a recent version in case anyone else has this problem.
  8. Neptune Corporation

    I just tried this. When I try to start the program I get several seconds of black screen and then a crash to desktop. Mods installed are: AgentModsCombo GenerationOptions NeptuneCorp SimConstructor UITweaks I'm attaching the log: invisibleinc.txt
  9. [Mod]Generation Options+

    >> " We actually have a modlist " Thanks! That helps. But I still say info on where to find this stuff needs to be pinned.
  10. [Mod]Generation Options+

    >> " I think it's just Wodzu's mods that need to be gotten that way. " Judging by this conversation, yours do as well. I also note there's no non-Steam version of Osheroff's UI Tweaks. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more. Anyway, are you still adding features to this mod? If so I have a request: an option to force a secondary server to spawn on all non-Omni levels.
  11. [Mod]Generation Options+

    Got it working now, thanks! That info about getting mods through Steam Downloader really needs to be in a pinned thread. Do the mods even come around here any more?
  12. [Mod]Generation Options+

    I can't find a version number, but I got the download from the link in the OP of this thread (the workshop zip). If it's an old version then where am I supposed to look for the new one?
  13. [Mod]Generation Options+

    I think I've encountered a bug. I have the GOG version with the DLC installed. I created a mods folder and unzipped Sim Constructor into it and it worked fine (got the dummy option and everything). Then I unzipped this one into the folder and something went wrong. Not only are the options not there but my save got screwed up. I had a single save in slot 2 with two agents. After installing Generation Options the third and forth slots were missing, and the second showed four copies of International! Attaching log: invisibleinc.txt