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  1. I've made a small mod and the new features work, but there's one problem: I can't turn them off. There are generation options for disabling them but neither that nor deactivating the mod as a whole seems to work. As long as my mod is in the mods folder the code gets used whether I like it or not. Here's the modinit.lua code: modinit.lua One other thing concerning generation options. While making on/off buttons is easy I don't see how to create a multiple choice menu. How does that work?
  2. >> "but none of them seem to work anymore" Some do, or at least they did a couple of days ago. In addition to Generation Options+ and Neptune Corp I was able to get Escorts Fixed, Unlimited Storage, UI Tweaks, and the example API. Anyway, I grabbed Sim Constructor from the thread. I assume that's the latest version there?
  3. Done. I tried each without any other mods in the folder and still got a crash from both. Here are the logs: NeptuneCorp.txt GenerationOptions.txt
  4. So I'm setting up Invisible Inc. on a new computer and grabbing mods from Steam workshop. I was able to get several of the ones I want but several more are giving "Not Found" errors when I try to download them. The missing ones are: Sim Constructor (cyberboy2000) Advanced Guard Protocols (cyberboy2000) Agents Mod Combo (Shirsh) Worldgen Extended (wodzu_93) New Items and Augments (wodzu_93) Programs Extended (wodzu_93) Flavorful Agents 5 (Puppetsquid) Also, two mods by Cyberboy that I did get (Generation Options+ and Neptune Corp) are causing the game to crash on launch. I know they both require Sim Constructor and I don't have it, but should they really be killing the game just by sitting in my mods folder?