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How do I Enable Debug Menu?


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How do I enable the Debug Menu in Shank 2?

I looked at the autoexec.lua and it mentions lots of neat things like god mode, super speed, reload level, and hide hud options.

I went to the BindKeys section and modified this:


KeyCombo = "JKEY_LStick",

Function = "if bPaused then ToggleDebugMenu() end"


I changed "JKEY_LStick" to "M" (because I have an 'M' key on my keyboard, but not a JKEY_LStick button.)

The binding doesn't seem to work though. Whatever key I bind to it, I still can't enable the Debug Menu.

I tried it while in game and with the game paused. It has no effect either way.

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I know this is quite late, but it may require an API or 3rd-party (1st-party, technically) software known as the Shanker debugger, used by the devs.

As noted in many of the luabnd and other lua files, it mentions them as being edited or debugged in this Shanker program.

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