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  1. How do I enable the Debug Menu in Shank 2? I looked at the autoexec.lua and it mentions lots of neat things like god mode, super speed, reload level, and hide hud options. I went to the BindKeys section and modified this: { KeyCombo = "JKEY_LStick", Function = "if bPaused then ToggleDebugMenu() end" }, I changed "JKEY_LStick" to "M" (because I have an 'M' key on my keyboard, but not a JKEY_LStick button.) The binding doesn't seem to work though. Whatever key I bind to it, I still can't enable the Debug Menu. I tried it while in game and with the game paused. It has no effect either way.
  2. How do they disable the hud in the demo videos? I know there isn't a menu option in game. I'm looking for another way (like with console commands, config file edits, or something else).
  3. Is there a way to disable the hud for Shank 2 on PC? I initially wanted to buy Shank and Shank 2 for consoles, but passed because it didn't have that option. I thought it might be possible for the PC version since I've done it with lots of games via console commands or other edits. Also, the promo videos and trailers don't show the hud. I don't buy many PC games due to DRM, but I just saw that Shank 2 is included in the new Humble Indie Bundle without DRM, so now I'm interested in buying, but only if I can disable the hud in some way.