Need help creating multiple servers on the same machine

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Hi there, 


I tried to create multiple servers on the same machine but I'm still lost as to how to create multiple servers. I started by following the guide they have on the wiki http://dont-starve-g...dicated_Servers but I feel as though I am doing something wrong. I started by copying the command -conf_dir <new directory name> and placing that in the steam don't starve together launchers options to create a directory with its own save folder, settings file etc.. then pasted it where the other directory is. I am still having trouble with, how to do this so if anyone has a solution to my situation please do share. Originally I posted a topic some time ago about this but I realized that it seemed a bit confusing as to what my intentions were from the topic title itself comparing to what I had written.


Cheers NinjaHero

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