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Help with coding for new mod character

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Hi guys, I have a mod character called Wanda I have been working on here, http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/58411-wanda-the-druid-new-character-idea/ (everything before "Further Development" I have already coded).  Can any of you guys help me with the following:

* Scroll that summons mature lureplants

* Accessing the lureplant's inventory without having to kill it
* Eyeplants are not agro at Wanda / she is immune to their attacks

* Harvesting of leafy meat without lureplant withdrawing its eyeplants and returning to "just planted" stage

* Drying leafy meat, and possible use in crockpot recipes

* Enable Wanda to eat raw birchnuts (-1 health, +6 hunger, -5 sanity)

* Enable earlier learning of Pumpkin Light, Improved Farm, Bucket O Poop, Bush Hat early at Science Machine

* Enable Wanda to craft and/or use Charlie the Gardener's Book of Rain to water mushrooms, farms, etc, or maybe craft her own Watering Can which does the same thing, on a smaller scale


Eventually I hope to give her...

* Sleeping treeguards will always awaken when Wanda passes by, and are aggressive towards her when awakened this way or if summoned by other players (bushhat enables her to hide from them)
* Wanda cannot pacify Treeguards by planting pine cones near them
* Flowery Hair: grows at the same rate as Wilson's beard, delays overheating like a Summer Frest at full length, when cut at half length provides 6 fresh flower petals; at full length, provides 12 fresh flower petals and 1 cactus flower and +10 sanity

* Gains #Shenaniganism from cutting down any tree, digging saplings or grass

* Loses #Shenaniganism from planting butterflies, pinecones, birchnuts, saplings or grass
* When #Shenaniganism is high enough, a poison birch tree will spawn (alternatively, I might have a tree guard appropriate to the biome the player is in at the time spawn).  NOTE: this is in addition to the usual 1.33% chance of treeguards spawning while cutting down trees, so it is possible if the Shenaniganism is maxed while cutting trees with that 1.33% chance coming up at the same time, that both events will trigger simultaneously.
# Originally I thought of hijacking naughtiness (it might work in solo DS), but more likely I will have to invent this different Shenaniganism personal value,  bit like Woodie's Log Meter for DST.  Worse comes to worst, I suppose I could just have gaining / losing sanity (but I think this has been done already by other developers, and I don't want to have players micro-managing sanity all the time)

Maybe even...

* Scroll that transforms any tree into corresponding Treeguard (Evergreen of whatever size into standard Treeguard, Birch into Poison Birch Tree), as well as:

- Spikey Treeguard: more melee damage, shoots blow darts
- Burnt Treeguard: causes smoldering / combustion to nearby mobs / objects, shoots fire darts

- Aged Treeguard: brittle, pinecone minions, shoots sleep darts

- Totally Normal Treeguard: tough, shadow creature minions, kites like a merm, melee like a bat bat

* Magic Trowel crafted at the Shadow Manipulator for transplanting cactuses (like the magic pouch of Winnie the Vegetarian in solo DS but costly to make / use, and has limited uses)


Zackreaver was so great at helping me with most of the initial stuff, but I don't want to bore him with going through all these things with me, that's why I'm looking for others to help bear the load as well.  I also need an artist if any of you are good at working with the spriter, etc (and/or know someone who is)?




Rusty | SkyPaladin

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