[Suggestion] Make ice from water, collect water from rain.

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Someone has to have suggested a rain-catcher at some point on these forums.  It would be some combination of the Bucket o'Poop recipe and the Rainometer, possibly just an extension of the Rainometer as follows.  It would have an inventory of 2 where two new bucket items could be placed (disallowing any other type of item to be placed inside) represented by two bucket sprites hanging from the sides of the Rainometer.  These would steadily fill during the course of a rain, taking 12 to 24 in-game hours of rain to fill.  A filled bucket, when placed in an Ice Box or Snow Chester, would become a Bucket o' Ice after reaching a set temperature.  This Bucket o' Ice could be smashed with a hammer to produce some of the materials that went into crafting a bucket along with Ice for other crafting.

Mini-glacier melts in the spring can make ice very scarce if you did not quickly acquire an Ice Box and mine them--something that becomes addedly difficult in MP where there is competition for resources and the potential to arrive on a server late into spring.  This method would allow you to (slowly) supplement your Ice gathering if these resources have been depleted in the late spring or summer (on the rare times it rains in the summer), making Ice Flingomatics and other Ice items more accesible.  It would not be such a high volume of Ice to make the resource trivial, but rather allowing a diligent water-gathering player to get maybe another 15 Ice for an Ice Flingomatic over the course of a Spring when working off of one Rainometer.  Of all the resources made renewable or "farmable" in DST an everyday resource like water is conspicously missing.

Maybe the dev's have a whole plan for a thirst meter and water mechanics as an added feature--but this could at least be a scaffolding step towards introducing such a mechanic.

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Hey @Pandawaffle, welcome to the forums. A rain catcher has been suggested a few times, but not in the sense of being another way to get ice. Sure having options would be good, though I think ice is still quite plentiful during the early days of Spring. About having water/thirst as another thing to manage for your survival, there is a mod out there that makes that possible. Although it's only for Don't Starve, check it here. Saddly the modder doesn't have the time to port it to DST yet.


I do not know what is Klei's stand on making Thirst a thing, so I have nothing to chip in for that one.


I hope that helps in some way, cheers.

P.S. Meet your twin, @PandaWaffles



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