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Help dragonfly burnt bee boxes

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Help me pls

so i'm playing don't starve ROG then it was summer season i got loads of madrakes (glitch world)

so i cooked them (3 of them)

then i feel like skipping summer then i ate those 3 mandrakes

after, i realised a dragon fly just spawned sitting there near my lureplant and beebox farm

i feel like i could take this guy out then i hired a pig attacked the dragonfly

i forgot it has an AOE attack i attacked him to make him aggro on me

then i think "think" it broke his attack pattern he uses the AOE attack first then fire slam

of course it burnt my lureplant and beeboxes

i turned my ice-flingomatics on it rescued 2 of the beeboxes only leaving dragonfly behind

and i don't know why the dragon fly don't attack me again

and i thought maybe it despawned, i was like ok?

then i resumed consuming those mandrakes

after that it was still summer

after i go to chop some wood in the nearest forest i found that i was burnt

my guess it was either lighting , dragonfly or the wild forest fire

pls help me can i just download a time machine mod or something i don't want to lose my world


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Though it'll be tough, it's still probably salvagable.


Try hammering your bee boxes and see if you can recover the honeycombs. If not, see if there's any bee hives in out of the way places you can nab.


The burned forest is a bit of a shame, since it'll have burned up some mushrooms, but most of the other things are salvagable.

(Also you can use the charcoal for fuel and to build crockpots in many locations.)


If you chop down the burned trees, some of them will drop pine cones/birchnut seeds so you can at least replant the forest.


Is there anything important you've lost permanently?

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Is there anything important you've lost permanently?

*some bee loots(from lureplant)

*the lureplant

*i tried chopping some trees i only get some pinecones like maybe around 14 and tons of charcoal

*the dragonfly itself

*my mandrakes

*Spider dens (4 stage 2's and 5 stage 1's)

*drying racks (4)

*some other flowers (not hard so recover though)


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Yeah, that's an ouch.


-If you can get back the honeycomb from the burned boxes, the rest is renewable.

-Lureplants will pop up again later. Open up your map and look around. One might have already spawned.

-Pinecones can be found elsewhere on the map. This time you could plant them in small clusters so if one set burns down you don't lose the whole forest.

-Dragonfly's a real bummer. Gonna have to wait for next year. Be prepared with 10 Ash and about 10 Gunpowder. If you can, put the dragonfly to sleep (Sleep darts, mandrake flute), drop some gunpowder next to it and set it alight, then run. This will do a lot of damage to it so you can kite and kill it quicker.

-Mandrakes are non-renewable. Though if you were using them for sleeping, you could build a Siesta Lean-To and a Tent. (Just stock up on food.)

-If you can find a stage 3 spider den, you can kill it for some spider eggs to replant. (Lead the spiders off their web and kill them. You can also lead them into rabbit-traps.)

-Well, good thing you've got a ton of charcoal then. In some ways getting the meat is more of a pain than building them.

-You can catch and plant butterflies to make flowers, which in turn make more butterflies. Bees also spread flowers, from what I recall.

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Yeah, that's an ouch.

Thanks but yeah even planting the trees in small clusters dragonfly's a real bummer it will burn maybe 4-5 clusters but thanks again for the reply sorry for bad english i'm too lazy to see whats my error and also good thing i found a glommer's statue in replanting the forest!

also i found a king pig and somehow a bearger spawned after summer passed! 

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