[Ideas] Dog whistle/ Firecracker/ anything attracting Hounds

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In some occassions it is desired to have Hounds attack you the moment you hear them, maybe it's almost nightfall and you want to dispose of them before that or your were simply geared up already. So in some cases it is desired to be able to get the Hounds their attention and let them know where you are.

I do not know if this would make the game more fun, since it's unnerving to hear the Hounds barking louder and louder until they enter your screen and that would be lacking with a Hound-wave trigger. But I do think it's worth reviewing for at least once.

1: Dog Whistle

The Hounds hear where you are located and massively enter the screen. The complete Hound-pack approaches.

2: Burn cooked meat

You cooked some meat, now it's tasty, cook it again and your fire pit gives of an intensive smell of burned meat and charcoal. Some Hounds are triggered instantly as if a normal wave just started.

-recooking meat emits a massive smoking cloud rising from your campfire/fire pit.

3: Firecrackers

Same as use as Dog Whistle, but same effect as burning cooked meat. Instantly triggers a normal wave.

(have seen some posts about firecrackers/fireworks, don't know if it had the same use)

Addition: There are threads already for Hound decoys, such as Meat Effigies and Scarecrows.

Kind regards, Karisuto

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