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why my agent KOed agent die?

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ZephyrSails    8

I remembered something before update 11 fresh code published.

I have two agent on field. one of them is KOed by broken door action. And then I lost her vision for like 5 turn.


Meanwhile, my another agent is waiting in another room waiting for her recover. But when I quit waiting and come to the spot to checkout her, she is killed.


Just curious, Is that so called: agents got shot immediately when recover from KO? You know, before it is fixed by update 11. I didn't see that because I use ESC to skip enemy turn.

Or enemy will try to kill KOed agent by pin for a while?

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Jason    5049

Hey ZephyrSails, do you have your savefile for that game still? 


Was there a laser in the area at all?

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