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Dedicated Server Not Showing Up In Public

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(I can't seem to find my board... I wondered was it erased? Can't locate it.)


Sorry if I'm creating a board a day and a half ago, but because its related another question I will try avoiding going off-topic.



I'm running a Window 7 and my Internet Provider is Uverse AT&T (2wire)

I've read plenty of other threads that don't seem to associate anything to my problem.


I've tried portforwarding it (upd as everyone kept saying) through firewall by my network, but no matter what I do, it won't show the server online in lists despite changes I've read: go by console and/or manually just scrolling down finding it. It's only seen as lan and my friends who is NOT nearby are retrieving a message saying direct timed out.


So, here a few questions maybe that can cover, or you can also state your suggestion:

1) Are the mods blocking it from being seen online?

2) What am I doing wrong?

C:\DSTserver\bin\dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe -console -steam_authentication_port 12345 -steam_master_server_port 12346

server_token = [i know how to generate / keeping it private for now]
token = [This thing kepts generating a long length of numbers I don't understand what is important of it]
default_server_name = 
default_server_description = 
server_port = 10999
server_password = 
max_players = 12
pvp = false
game_mode = survival
enable_vote_kick = true
dedicated_lan_server = false
3) server_token is generated but I keep one out of the fours I can generate from my main menu through account info, and how does it affect it to me if it doesn't allow my server seen online?
4) My server does not have any information BUT: dedicated server, mods. How do I enable the rest of the information, like the description, the world, players, etc? It probably won't matter but to me I think it's nice to make a little nice intro out of your server if you want the world to join one day.
That's all that comes to my mind at this moment. I am doing alright with the mods enabling into my server and I don't see it any crashing at the moment.
Fixed~ please review post #2! Thank you!
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Sorry for the bump, but I got it able to work seen in the list of Servers, but I still can't seem to join it some odd reason (Darn! I thought I was there already.) despite I can just access the game through LAN, but not through console or manually click it in. Either way, I have a feeling the server is NOT open to public as we speak. Currently waiting on friends to wake up from sleep to try.


Any suggestions what should I do next? Is it the port-forwarding that still apart of this? I probably might run and make it limited to JUST 10998, but I always get the warning of "you're in the later version, would you like to update" thing. Every time I restart it goes away, sometimes it comes back and I don't know why. Not a big bother honestly.


Oh! And also, my settings.ini under [network] keeps changing or erased whatever I had there before. What's going on with that?


My server is clean with no mods. I am working without it without causing any delays or break my server through this sweat lol!


Here are my logs to this situation as we speak:


[00:19:59]: Attempting to join: Suo's Hangout at
[00:19:59]: [200] Account Communication Success (13)
[00:19:59]: Server listing has no punchthrough address, connecting directly
[00:19:59]: Connecting to
[00:20:09]: Disconnect reasson: ID_CONNECTION_ATTEMPT_FAILED from network layer
[00:20:09]: PushNetworkDisconnectEvent With Reason: "ID_CONNECTION_ATTEMPT_FAILED", reset: true
[00:20:09]: SteamWorkshop::CancelDownloads clearing all unfinished downloads
Fixed again!~
I can now able to access through the server by finding my server's name in server listing.
Also, special thanks to TonyV and how to port-forwarded through advance firewall. I totally forgot, but had never have used it when I was creating other dedicated servers, like Team Fortress 2.
And special thanks to ToNiO55 for his screenshot of HOW to port-forward through your router more efficient. No one said to add both TCP and UDP 10999 through all these countless of pages and threads I've read.
Anything else I will post. Much appreciation guys!
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