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[Help needed] Custom Item Mod Vanishes When Dropped

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I'm making a mod to give Wilson a couple of items at the start of the game, being his razor and journal from home; link to it is down bellow.


The razor is fully functional and works just like a normal razor does.


For the journal, I plan to have where once a day you can use a piece of charcoal to write an entry in it, thus recovering some of Wilson's sanity sense keeping a journal keeps his mind sharp. As of right now though the journal is just a blank item with no function sense I'm trying to have it work properly as just an inventory item. Despite the code being right from what I can see, when I drop the journal on the ground, it just vanishes. If I hit space, Wilson will pick it back up but its art won't load up for some reason. I've messed with this for several hours and looked through several forum posts but still can't find a solution. Any help would be appreciated.


My mod as it currently stands

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