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Need help with server mod settings...

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I need help with setting up the settings with the mods on my server. i was wondering how do you find what to put in the modoverides.lua? like lets take the increased stacksize mod for example. How would I change it from the default 99 to 250? Or where would I find the info I need to use to change it?

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If the mod maker didn't specify how to configure it, navigate to the mod's folder and open it's associated modinfo.lua file with a text editor. You'll find the options which you can change under the configuration_options line.


Each separate option is enclosed within brackets. It has a name which you'll use in your modoverrides.lua file, a label (a nice name or description of the option), one or more options also enclosed within brackets (which are possible values that the main option can have; look at the data field, the description is like the label), and a default value.


For example, this is what the mod Increased Stack Size has:

configuration_options ={  {    name = "MAXSTACKSIZE",    label = "Max stacksize",    options = {      {description = "20", data = 20},      {description = "40", data = 40},      {description = "60", data = 60},      {description = "80", data = 80},      {description = "99", data = 99},      {description = "120", data = 120},      {description = "150", data = 150},      {description = "200", data = 200},      {description = "250", data = 250},    },    default = 99,  },}

Looking at that you can tell the the mod supports one option, MAXSTACKSIZE, which can have the following values: 20, 40, 60, 80, 99, 120, 150, 200, and 250. By default, it will have the value of 99.


So in modoverrides.lua, for that particular mod, you can write MAXSTACKSIZE = 250 in it's configuration_options section.


You can use unsupported values for a mod's options, but then it may not work properly.

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