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Got A Group Going!

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gonz008    27

Hi guys!


I recently started a group, I plan on closing it to the public after enough people have joined, but until then its set on public. Needless to say It's a dedicated server and its running 24/7 so come on in and check it out!

I've put on a few mods that should help people around and with enough members I'll Change the settings, add more mods etc. I plan on having random events and so far most of the guys in the group have a good understanding of how not to die in don't starve


The server name is DST Manifest Destiny and the group name is the same.


Here's the group page:





The group page can fill you out on what each mod does and how you can make the most of it.




I really want to make the best DST group out there so go ahead and join the group and see if you like it :)






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