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Suggestions to make randoms less frustrating

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(Not sure how often these have been suggested, so forgive me if they've been said a million times already.)



I usually play DST with a friend, but when we can't play together I try to join random dedicated servers, but quit almost instantly due to how frustrating it can be. The two things I think need to be changed are:


1. Remove sanity drain by ghost players.


A lot of times I enter a server, then somebody dies and starts draining sanity. I know this is to encourage people to resurrect the dead player, but most of the times it just ends up with people berating the dead player in hopes that s/he leaves, and the dead player staying just to spite them. It's just a bad time for everyone.


Maybe you could be able to set sanity drain on somewhere, but it should be off by default. I'm sure someone can think up other ways to encourage people to revive dead players. Maybe give them some tiny reward for doing it, but not something that can be farmed by dying repeatedly.



2. After a few in game days, all newly joining players should be given free flint/axe and pickaxe.


If you aren't joining a server before day 4, chances are all the flint nearby has already been looted by everyone. You could run around the world for several days before being able to find a single piece of flint. You usually have to get through the nights by setting a forest on fire due to lack of logs. Basically the game is unjoinable after a certain point unless people are nice enough to guide you to their camp and share their stuff.

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Wilderness mode solves both of these problems (except for the lack of flint on suuuuper long term servers, when there's none left in the whole world).


Or you could join a server with mods. There are mods that make resources (including flint) respawn naturally as well as changing ghost functionalities.

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