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  1. that would be amazing Also, hooray for less ghost sanity drain! No longer will players be shouted off the server for dieing (probably). Touch stones not a bad idea also.
  2. found a pretty big bug, heres the bug tracker: short version is every item has two listings, one for the real name and one for the code name.
  3. There appear to be two different versions of some or all items on the steam market. For example, the Formal Body Shell: I can find one page for it here, and a different one here. The latter is the only one that shows up when I search for it, but if I just browse through the listings I see both. This applies to a lot of items, but is easier to see with higher rarities. EDIT: the bug appears to be that each item is listed under its full name and its code name. Look at the urls given above.
  4. how many worlds have you generated (and checked with c_countprefabs)? those 2 things are pretty rare, they aren't in every world, or even most worlds.
  5. Ok, thanks for your help @zUsername and @Muche. Because I have no idea how to go about setting actionbuttonoverride, I just hijacked the PICK action, which works 99% like how I want it to (it says 'pick tooth trap' instead of 'reset tooth trap' when moused over). Will add the mod link here once I'm done making an image and uploading it to steam. EDIT:
  6. This worked in making the action become left click instead of right click, but for some reason spacebar does not do anything. I've tried fixing it, but I can't figure it out. I've tried reassigning the action's priority (to 1), canforce (true), and rangecheckfn (to PICK's rangecheckfn), but it hasn't worked. Is there some other part of spacebar actions that I should be aware of?
  7. Hi. I'm trying to make a mod that changes the behavior of tooth traps. So far, I've been able to do what I wanted, all that is left (pun intended) is to allow tooth traps to be reset with left mouse and spacebar instead of right mouse. How exactly do I change that? Will I have to add an action replacing RESETMINE, or a component action replacing it? How exactly would I go about doing that?
  8. I can't believe people are so polarized about virtual clothes that this thread is 11 pages long
  9. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I play tf2 a lot, but I don't really care about trading or cosmetics all that much, I'm more interested in playing the game instead of spending hours upon hours trading for stuff that makes no difference to the game (more or less). I have pretty much the same tendency here in DST. The problem with online item-trading systems, like tf2, cs:go, DST, etc etc is that they all try to make an economy, but there is one problem. The irl economy is based off of actually producing things, like mining silver, carving furniture, building cars, etc, but online economies are entirely barter economies, since everyone gets the same income of items/week. Thus, if you do manage to get some way of producing things, either by using real money, or providing services to people (I have a friend who draws profile pictures for tf2 items), then you basically break the economy in your favor. I don't really know where I was going with this, but whatever. Play the game to have fun, not for virtual clothes.
  10. I've noticed that, when I play on a dedicated server, including one that I host, (not when I host my own server through the in-game menu), talking creatures such as pigmen and bunnymen do not talk.
  11. I've noticed that, when I play on a dedicated server, including one that I host, (not when I host my own server through the in-game menu), talking creatures such as pigmen and bunnymen do not talk. View full bug
  12. If we try to do something similar to this (replacing a function in the game with a modded one that calls the original and then does other stuff), where exactly would we put this in the mod files? modmain does not work since 'inst' is not defined when you copy the old function. I'm pretty sure that this would work in a prefab, but would it only work for that specific prefab or everywhere that this function is used?
  13. Actually, what movement prediction does is, while it is enabled, moving and performing actions happen on your screen as if you were hosting your own server - no lag, instant reaction time, etc. However, because of communication lag with the server you are connected to, any actions that you appear to be taking on your screen aren't actually reflected in the server for X milliseconds, with X being your ping. This is why doing actions (picking up items/harvesting twigs, etc) can sometimes appear to take longer than in singleplayer, because you are actually a few steps behind where your screen pretends you are (and why you need to press keys preemptively to take actions with the same overall speed as in singleplayer, since it takes a few milliseconds to cancel actions as well). When movement prediction is disabled, you see only what the server sees; when you try to move or do something, nothing happens for a split second as your command is sent to the server, and only then do you start moving or gathering or whatever. This way, you have more accurate info on your screen, so you know exactly where you are and what you are doing at any given moment, rather than seeing into the future when prediction is enabled. This seeing into the future is why prediction doesn't work well in pvp, since the future you are seeing may not actually happen if you are for example, attack-stunned by another player. tl;dr : Both with or without prediction, you have the same lag between your computer and the server, but turning it on or off basically switches your screen from viewing your game's data vs viewing the server's data. I'm not 100% sure why this affects pvp so heavily, but I think it might be because of this: let's say that we have two players, A and B. A has prediction enabled, B doesn't. They both click on each other to attack and start moving towards each other. On A's screen, he reaches B and starts attacking, but he's not actually there yet because of lag, and so he freezes with his spear in the air; a split second later on B's screen, he reaches A and starts attacking without any freezing. It might be the split second of waiting before attacking that makes the difference, but I'm not sure. Either way, more accurate info is better, so player B obviously has an advantage over A. I probably could've explained this more succinctly, but meh.
  14. You can kinda have that if you install the extended world generation mod, it adds a cave/ruins biome to the surface. It's not really like a cave though, since there is still a day/night cycle and everything. Anyways, if you guys are currently working on implementing caves, that sounds good to me, even if it does take a while It took minecraft a whole year to get the Nether working in multiplayer, let's hope it doesn't take that long though