[General] - Missing Frogs in Spring


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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Issue Title: Missing Frogs in Spring
Issue Description: While I was playing on a new world I came across to this glitch. Frog rain started and I went near guardian pigs to force them to fight frogs. Frogs prevailed. Right after frog - guardian pig battle I closed the server and started it up later. But when I started it, there was no frog rain and spawned frogs disappeared.

World is not on default settings.

World type: Huge
Flowers: Less
Grass: Less
Twigs: Less
Flint: Less
Carrots: less
Berry Bushes: Less
Mushrooms: Less
Cacti: Less

Rest is on default

Mods installed while playing: Mini Map
Steps to Reproduce: In spring start a frog rain. After frog spawns, shut down server and restart the server.

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