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Finished my first game as Wilson on the Ipad 4 Retina. Died on day 23.


Here is the feedback:


1) Time


While in the PC version with mouse I can have by day 10 a base with firepit, alchemy engine, crockpot, bird cage, lightning rod, 3 farms, chest, ice box, 2 drying racks, bee box + whole map explored + chester + glommer found + winter gear, on the iPad I couldn´t even make half of that by day 20.


It just takes too much time using the touch interface. It is not precise enough for a fast-paced game. Cooking on the crokpot is tedious as you can´t easily move food between ice box and crockpot. When you add 1 berry, all your stack of berries is placed on some empty inventory slot, losing durability. You have to keep dragging everything back and forth several times, whereas with the mouse the stack just stays on the pointer.


Add fuel is also terrible. As well as switching tools. The menu to craft items is also terribly slow, because you have to drag stuff (I think). I´ve had serious trouble placing crafted structures, and died because I couldn´t build and place a campfire during a battle with the Walrus.


In the PC, you can entirely move and action the character with the left hand, even battle I do entirely on the left hand (AWSD moving, QE turning, Space, F, Ctrl-F), as well as basic tool switching (1-5 is easily accessible). So right hand on the mouse keeps organizing inventory, choosing the next tools, using items, and so on.


On the iPad there is no such thing. You do things FAR more slowly, so time is scarse!


My suggestion on this matter is pause the time when you click the build menu. Fix the crockpot or pause time as well while open. 


Also, add a movement pad for the left thumb.


2) Brightness


Dusk is EXTREMELY DARK. You can barely play, it is almost as dark as night. Seems buggy, really. Also makes you lose time.


3) Saving the game / Switching applications


If you "save and quit" the game works normally but if you just hit home menu or switch applications, when you return you will notice that time has advanced a little bit. More lost time.


4) Mods


We need support for mods. Some mods have become indispensable and playing without them is a pain, like for example, Minimap Mod, Always on status, Season Clock, Wormhole marks...


Overall a very good and fun experience to play on the tablet! Well done Klei, I hope Klei can adjust the game to the platform!


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I totally agree with the need for a virtual joystick. It's extremely painful to run away, fight or go up and down with the touchpad. 

Virtual Joystick should be at bottom left, and fight/pickup buttons should be at bottom right. I know it messes up with the current inventory placement, but you shouldn't expect anyway that a PC UI layout is going to translate 100% on touch-screen. It's pretty simple to move the pause and map buttons elsewhere.

While I greatly enjoy the game again on my iPad, I am disappointed with the almost-straight port. I would expect more effort on adapting gameplay perfectly for touchscreen. For example, the Save system is not adapted. Why do I have to quit when I save? Many times I just wanted to save because I knew I would have to quit few minutes later but I wasn't sure I would have the opportunity to do it at that time.

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was the "very good and fun" part sarcasm because it sounds afwul :|

No, I really like it, the game is a perfect port, runs smooth and gives you the RoG just like the PC. Also it had a fantastic opening animation! And for just 4.99!

It just needs to be further adapted to the mobile platform.

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I second the request for permadeath toggle on pocket edition. Some may love the "hardcore" feature, but for an old lady that enjoys this sandbox game during downtime, I'd really love a less-stressful option where I could explore the world in its entirety, interact with the characters, and save. Caves? I doubt I'll ever find them or figure out most of the features as I've toggled everything to easy mode and still die way too easily...

Thank you for your consideration.

From one of your weaker players.

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I also had a hard time making a campfire.

I died trying to build the campfire on the first night in my first game, and the I died trying to make a campfire on the second night of my second game.

The third game I spent chopping trees down and building campfires. Once you build then you have to place. That's where the problem starts. You are not allowed to place in certain spots like on top of cut grass or where a tree stump is. The finger is right on top of the campfire placement so I cannot see any indicator that it is a good placement. So I kept trying with 5 campfire placements. Each one I had to keep tapping until he built it, and each did not place on the first tap. I tapped over 5 times to get one to build. I'm thinking it would be nice for the game to place into the nearest good location instead of continued failed placement.

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I highly agree with the comments on pausing the game wherein using the ui. This is a feature I really like on the iPhone vision that is missing from the iPad. It takes far to too much time using the touch interface in comparison to to the computer and overall progress is much slower. I really wish the iPad had the same pausing feature when interacting with the build and inventory slots - it's almost more enjoyable on the smaller screen just because of this feature.

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After a lot more dying, I don't really want to play this game any more.

The campfire. No matter how many games I've played, placing the campfire sometimes just doesn't work. It's not 1 in X taps, it just might not place ever.

controlling this game is so bad sometimes.  So I came across a large forest. There are spider nests everywhere. I try to walk, but all he Does is chop trees. I try to run away from spiders and he's chopping trees. I found if I tap wicked fast that he keeps moving, but that was after I died trying to figure out how to play in a dense forest. I don't want to figure out how to play. This makes it necessary for the virtual joystick style. It's unplayable in a forest. 

I get stuck in the map screen, and trying to tap on the tiny map to dismiss is getting ridiculous. Once in the map screen you could make the dismiss icon way bigger. 

The sundown time is sooooo dark. I usually spend that whole time trying to place just 1 darn fire. And it won't place, and it's almost too dark to play. 

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